Wide Eyed & Legless 2016


Bean name Wide Eyed & Legless 2016
Other info Blend - see description for bean content


Coffee and cycling, they go together rather well don't they! So it makes sense that there's a coffee just for the upcoming RideStaffs 2016 Staffordshire Cycling Festival : )

We were approached by the festival organiser to create a custom blend to celebrate the event and of course we jumped at the chance!

RideStaffs 2016 Staffordshire Cycling Festival will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July. The festival takes place across three days at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, beginning on the evening of Friday July 1st and ending at 5pm on Sunday July 3rd.

There will be an exciting mixture of opportunities to ride, chances to watch the professionals in person through the races on site and on a big screen as the Tour de France gets underway.

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This blend consists of...

40% Brazil Fazenda Passeio Natural Rubi
40% Bolivia Finca Loayza Feliciano Ramos Washed Peaberry
20% Rwanda Migongo Washed Bourbon

In the cup expect a sweet milk chocolate from the start, that takes a u-turn into a fruit bomb. Like a bike down a hill out of control the acidity kicks, of citrus limes and oranges and finishes with candy floss sweetness.

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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