Uganda Kinone Kamwenge Washed 2014


Bean name Uganda Kinone Kamwenge Washed 2014
Country Uganda
Region Rwenzori
Other info Varietal: SL14, SL28, Kent


This fully washed Ugandan comes from the Kimone Micro-station owned by the Bukonzo Organic Cooperative Union (BOCU) 1,200 farmers from the Bakonzo tribe supply the washing station along with many individual growers, of which the exact numbers are not known. It is located in Western Uganda in the Rwenzori Foothills, near town of Kasese.BOCU covers an area to the east of Lake George, nearest village is Kamwenge.

The altitude of this coffee ranges from 1500m to 1800 masl and if from the varietals SL14, SL28 and some kent.

Ripe cherries delivered to mill on the same day they were picked, where cherries are graded, sorted, de-pulped using a micro-pulper, and then fermented underwater for between 18-36 hours, depending on temperature, humidity and other factors. Clean river water is used, which is then recirculated before disposal into seepage pits. Parchment is then sorted in washing channels, and placed onto raised African drying tables. The drying period generally lasts for 5-7 days, until moisture level reaches 12% or lower, with regular turning.

This is the first Ugandan we have ever stocked, and not what I expected when I see the process and the varietals, but still equally interesting. Usually with washed SL28 you expect florals and light and fruity but instead you get a HUGE body, with dark chocolate, chewy mouthfeel with a balanced aftertaste. Less fruit bomb more body bomb.

Farm: Uganda Kinone
Varietal: SL14, SL28, Kent
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1500 - 1800 m.a.s.l.
City: Kamwenge
Region: Rwenzori
Country: Uganda

Roasting Information
Take this in to first pops of second crack, but slow the roast down and drag out if you can to increase already big body.

"Quick Look" Guide
Huge body, dark chocolate, chewy mouthfeel, balanced.

Good filter?

Good espresso?

Cupping notes

Clean cup 6/8
Sweetness 6/8
Acidity 6/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 6/8
Aftertaste 6/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 6/8
Correction +36
Total 86

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