Sumatra Raja Gayo Lingtong 2012


Bean name Sumatra Raja Gayo Lingtong 2012
Country Indonesia
Region Gayo Mountains
Other info Varietals: Tim Tim (Caturra) Bourbon Bergenal


This is a Sumatran coffee from the Gayo Mountains region, which is near to the town of Takengon and also lake Tawar where it seems most of the good Sumatran coffees are coming from of late.

It is from a cooperative of around 50 people that produces about 1000 tonnes per year, but this is the very best of the best that they have and it is from three special pickings they do, making sure they pick the ripest most perfect cherries for the cup. This is like their special reserve, selected for those who will appreciate it and pay more for it.

The varietals are indigenous to the area, namely, Tim Tim, a form of Caturra, Bourbon and Bergendal, which is one I've not heard of before. This coffee is grown between 1400 and 1600 metres above sea level.

This one is triple hand picked then sorted into a screen 19 bean size (which is fairly large). The triple pick just means they go back to harvest the plant three times to make sure they get the cherries at the height of ripeness.

In the cup expect the huge body that a great Sumatran possesses, followed by an amazing black pepper mixed with dark bitter chocolate that lingers for a long time.

Roasting Information:
Take this one 20-30 seconds or so into second crack with oils beginning to or already showing.

"Quick Look" Guide:
Heavy body, syrupy, black pepper, spicy, dark chocolate.

Good Filter: Yes, Good Espresso: Yes

Cupping notes

Clean cup 5/8
Sweetness 5/8
Acidity 5/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 6/8
Aftertaste 8/8
Balance 6/8
Overall 6/8
Correction +36
Total 85

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