Rwanda Nyamyumba Bourbon 2009-2010


Bean name Rwanda Nyamyumba Bourbon 2009-2010
Country Rwanda
Region Western District of Rubavu
Other info Bourbon


This Bourbon is grown in the western district of Rubavu on the shore of Lake Kivu, to the east of the Congo rainforest surrounded by a volcanic region.

The name of Nyamyumba comes from the local washing station. The adoption of such names is very common in Rwanda as many of the growers are small-holders and would not produce sufficient quantity of coffee for sale on their own, so they get together as a co-operative through the washing station. The station was built in 2006, part of a group of nine. There has been a large investment in the infrastructure in Rwanda from U.S. aid money and an increase in coffee pricing linked to the improvement in quality.

The average Nyamyumba plantation size is 0.17 hectors (400 coffee trees) and is grown on an altitude between 1500m to 2000m and is a fully washed bourbon coffee.

For the first time, I've been given lots of details on the processing of the coffee so thought it may be interesting to also include that in the description.

Wet processing/ Fully Washed

1. Cherries are picked, not stripped, and only mature ones are selected at the Washing Station

2. Cherries are floated to remove any that are insect infected

3. Pulping

4. Dry fermentation (12 hours) of sweet mucilage

5. Wet fermentation soaking (24 hours)

6. Grading to separate light and heavy parchment (A3, A2, A1)

7. Final soaking (20 hours) for long lasting quality and green blue typical color

8. Pre-drying and wet parchment default sorting

9. Sun-drying on tables and continuous hand picking to reach no default parchement

Dry processing (outsourced)

Hulling (only A1 parchement is concerned for offer lots), screening, gravity selection, colour sorting at buyer demand, handpicking

Okay, as always what is in the cup is most important. This one, for my taste, is best suited to the filter/brewed coffee method. It may be a little bright for espresso. The cup is very clean, bright with a big bite of grape like acidity. But the big component in this one is fresh cherry, turning into a sweet glacé cherry. Surprisingly in the mid-palate it gains some unexpected body and then returns to the bright acidity.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 8/8
Sweetness 8/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 6/8
Flavour 7/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 93

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