Rwanda Murambi Bourbon 2008-2009


Bean name Rwanda Murambi Bourbon 2008-2009
Country Rwanda
Region Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District, South Province


This coffee has blood sweat and tears in its DNA. We had such an issue getting it here. Let me tell you the story.

In August 2008, I went on a trip to Rwanda, my first visit to Africa. I came across this coffee, and although I cupped many many coffees during the trip, this one stuck in my mind.

So, I went and made an offer for the coffee directly to the cooperative at a figure twice as high as fair trade, and I am very pleased to say that they were extremely happy to accept.

Now the story of woe getting it here! The coffee missed the container it was booked to come in, everything had left by this point so we had to pay to air freight it into the UK. It then missed its flight twice, got stuck in Brussels and was part of many more 'incidents' that would make your hair age.

But, I can forgive the coffee all the grey hairs that it's left me with when I taste it. I cupped the pre-shipment samples a few weeks ago and it got me excited. Rwandan coffee is typically very bright and acidic, but for me this was much more sweet and balanced with rich mouthfeel. It was everything good that I remembered about top quality Rwandan coffee.

Grown in the Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District, South Province, 45min from Kigali and processed at the Murambi washing station its grown at an altitude of 1800 - 1900 m, with an average rainfall of 1250 mm, and an average annual temperature 22°C. The soil is predominately sandy.

The red bourbon varietal is one of our favourites as it lends itself so well in general to espresso and this is no different. On the front palate the first thing that hits you is the sweetness, no chocolate here, but sweet treacle toffee with a smoky mid palate, a lovely sticky mouthfeel and smooth aftertaste.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 7/8
Sweetness 8/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 8/8
Flavour 7/8
Aftertaste 8/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 95

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