Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Yellow Pacamara Petites 2017


Bean name Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Yellow Pacamara Petites 2017
Country #SSSSS Limited Editions 2017
Region Matagalpa
Other info Varietal: Yellow Pacamara – petites selection


Number 12 of 12, December 2017, in the #SSSSS 2017 - Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription. A limited availability series of roasted coffee beans.

This month it's: Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Yellow Pacamara Petites 2017

My oh my, December, where did you come from? Really doesn't feel like all that long since I was saying hello hello hello and welcome to #SSSSS 2017 with El Salvador La Lagunita Washed Red Bourbon!

So my friends - this is it, the final #SSSSS of 2017, bag 12 of 12, the end of the journey, and perhaps the start of a new one? More on that later...

We're in Nicaragua again this month to finish off the year with a coffee that's from part of a story that I love love love. Limoncillo is a massive part of my coffee history and remains a big part of what we do today, the Yellow Pacamaras from Limoncillo have been making my heart beat a little more quickly ever since I first tasted them and now there's another twist to the tale, petites.
So what's a petite? The name was founded by Alejandro of Finca Argentina fame, they are typically the discarded beans after sorting happens. Ale was complaining to me that I pay more for his larger beans, but he has to sell his smaller beans into the commodity market for a much lower price. He convinced me to try them.

Let me take you back to a time when the size of the bean was really the only tool to find quality. Picking was bad, varietal selection was poor and processing hit and miss. So taking away the smaller beans was an attempt to raise the quality of the coffee.

Nowadays picking is more uniform, varietals separated out and processing has become more of a delicate procedure that's followed to the letter. So in theory these smaller beans we normally throw into commodity coffee should be equally as good if not better (some say that peaberry = better and they are smaller still).
So whilst in Nicaragua this year I asked Eleane if she would also sell me the petites from the Yellow Pacamaras, there's never enough of them and they are quite expensive beans to buy, so by buying more of the harvest it means we can pay less overall for them (more money from the yield if you like).

The experiment was a bit of a gamble as we were not sure how they would taste, but as you will see in this month's #SSSSS it's a huge success. We hope to roll this out in other places where we can to see what this new approach to coffee buying will bring.
This coffee had a sibling in the Elegant Natural Yellow Pacamara Petites that you might have seen on our website (very briefly!) a month or 2 ago, it was the coffee that our very own Dale Harris used to compete in the United Kingdom Barista Championships where he came 1st. If you'd like to see his performance with that coffee you can do so here ->

Dale then went on to represent the UK at the World Barista Championships in Seoul (using a different coffee as all of his UKBC one was gone) and, well - in case you hadn't heard ONLY WENT AND BLUMMIN WELL WON!!!! He's now the World Barista Champion which is all kinds of cool and amazing and WOW and yeah - well done Dale!
So how come Nicaragua 2 months in a row? If you're a subscriber to In My Mug as well as #SSSSS (as I know quite a few of you are!) I often get emails when we send out a coffee from the same part of the world twice in a short period of time, some people even say they don't want it because they had 1 from there eg 2 weeks ago which, of course - always makes me a little sad.

Ultimately I wanted to send you this coffee because I think it fits with #SSSSS perfectly and is a great way to end the year, and I think that even though we've had Nicaraguan coffees in both November and December they're vastly different creatures that show off how different coffee can be even when it's from not all that far apart. I hope you agree and enjoy them both for the different things that they bring to the table, there's a lot of trust here and I really do appreciate that : )
Time for a bit of a sneaky Steve discount for you lot ; ) we've got another 4 Yellow Pacamaras from Finca Limoncillo that are going to be going onto the website tomororw (Friday, Dec 1st) afternoon - y'all are the only people getting to taste this coffee, there's none for the website, it's just for you! But I know you're an inquisitive bunch and like to taste things so I wanted to offer you a special discount in case you were interested.

If you'd like to try any (or all!) of the Yellow Pacamaras we're going to be releasing tomorrow (there's a PN, W, N and an utterly bonkers FUNKY N!) you can do so and enjoy a tasty 15% off them if you use the discount code #SSSSS when checking out. They're super interesting to taste side by side and you're the only ones with the PN Yellow Petites!
In the cup this is not your usual coffee. Expect fresh New Zealand hops, with a tropical fruit kick and a finish of apricot and peach. The finish is amazingly creamy and smooth, what a coffee to finish #SSSSS 2017 on!

Country: Nicaragua
Municipality: Yasica Norte
?Region: Matagalpa?
Farm name: Limoncillo
Farm size: 171 manzanas (hectares)
Coffee growing area: 109 hectares?
Altitude: 1,200 m.a.s.l.?
Varietal: Yellow Pacamara – petites selection
Processing method: Pulped natural

#SSSSS 2018? Oh go on then.

I really enjoy #SSSSS for a whole heap of different reasons and from random conversations I have here and there I get the feeling that you do too, it's been running for 3 years now and with your permission I'd very much like to continue it for a 4th : )

It'll be the same deal as previous years for those that have been with me on this #SSSSS journey for a little while, but in case this is your first year here's what to expect...

12 coffees over 12 months, 300 spaces, £75.00 all in.

You will all get the first shots at those spaces - once I've got the product page sorted (looking like mid-next week I think) I'll keep it secret and send you all an email with a link so you can sign up for 2018 if you'd like to. I'll give you all 7 days from that email being sent until I announce the remaining spaces to the general public.
I hope you've all really, really enjoyed #SSSSS whether it was your first, second or third year. If you have and you're already excited about nabbing a space next year, amazing! If you aren't going to be joining me in 2018 then I am so very sad to see you go and do honestly wish you all the best in your coffee adventures. Hopefully I can look forward to seeing a lot of familiar names when I start to build the address list for 2018 : )

Whether you're staying on the ride or getting off here, I love you very much and thank you thank you thank you for the last 12 months xxxxxxx if there's any feedback you'd like to share about your #SSSSS experience please let me know, something you really love or something you'd like to see done differently or something you didn't enjoy - I'd be super interested to hear about it : )

So, for the final time in 2017 - goodbye my friends, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

Stephen Leighton

"Quick Look" Guide:
New Zealand hops, apricots, peaches

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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