Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Natural Yellow Pacamara 2020


Bean name Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Natural Yellow Pacamara 2020
Country #SSSSS Limited Editions 2020
Region Matagalpa, Yasica Norte
Other info Overripe peach, sweet white wine, dried apricot, greek yoghurt


Welcome to March and welcome to the third of this year’s Steve’s Super Secret Stash Subscription! Thought I'd go for a morning email this time around and that's exciting because, for those of you in the UK, it means your coffee should be with you within the next few hours! And to my international friends, just a few more days to wait.

You'll notice something immediately different when your coffee arrives this month as I've used you lovely lot as test subjects - we're moving to cardboard mailers and I wanted so let the roastery team have a play with the new toys before using them in normal production and thought you'd be the perfect group to trial. I hope you like what we've been up to! Ooh also - there's a URL on the back that's not live just yet but will be over the weekend so please resist it just for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two coffees as much as I have. They’ve both been the result of great processing of tiny lots, by producers we’re super proud to have worked with for a few years now. This is often how I find the amazing tiny lots for #SSSSS - or more accurately, how my coffee growing friends around the world know that if they separate a tiny lot from their main coffee production (and it’s delicious, of course), it will be right up my street.

The first two coffees came from El Salvador and Guatemala - so it seemed fitting to keep the roll going and this month we have a coffee from another Central American country I love, love, love - Nicaragua. It’s also another coffee from a family of producers I’ve got a long (and pretty lovely) relationship with - the Mierisch family.

Erwin Mierisch was one of the first people I met when I first started out travelling to origin. He was head judge of my first Cup of Excellence, my first trip outside of Europe. We’ve remained friends throughout the many years since, first buying the wonderful Cup of Excellence lot from Limoncillo farm in 2006. 14 years later and I love this farm and it’s coffees even more than ever – and am going to be there in only a few days!

It was through Erwin that I got to meet the rest of the Mierish family. Erwin’s father, Dr Mierisch, inspires huge respect from those around him and you can see why in his legacy as both a medical doctor and coffee producer. However, it’s as head of the Mierisch family where I think his legacy shines brightest. Erwin’s sister Eleane worked as a nurse before deciding to join the family’s coffee production work and her meticulous vision and leadership has helped the Don Esteban mill improve coffee quality even further. On top of that, the next generation is continuing the work and we were visited in Stafford last year by Eleane’s nephew, Erwin Jr. Despite being a big team, the Mierisch farms are truly about family.

If you’d like, have a read of this interview with Eleane from last year to learn a bit more about how she got to where she is and where they’re going:

As to the coffee this month? Well, it’s another Natural processed lot. Where last month’s La Fany Orange Bourbon was super crisp and delicate in it’s processing, this one is a lot more funky. The process gives it boozy and over-ripe fruit flavours, but they compliment the flavours of the varietal too, without overwhelming them.

That varietal is Yellow Pacamara. The large beans of Pacamara normally have red fruit, but a mutation which resulted in ripe yellow fruit appeared on Limoncillo some years ago. Careful work has seen this plant stock grown and it’s become a firm favourite of mine since I tasted some of the very first beans they grew. I’ve come to expect citrus and yellow fruit flavours from these plants, so look out for this when you're enjoying it.

Lets put those flavours together! With this coffee, I get juicy over-ripe peach and a sweet white wine-like acidity. On the finish, it keeps that sweetness and lovely body, but shifts into Greek yoghurt, whilst the yellow fruit is like some dried apricot sprinkled on top.

Country: Nicaragua
Municipality: Yasica Norte
Region: Matagalpa
Farm: Limoncillo
Producers: Mierisch Family
Altitude: 1,200 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Yellow Pacamara
Processing system: Natural

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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