Maria Serra do Rola Moca - Lucia Junqueira Pereira Cup of Excellence 2008-2009


Bean name Maria Serra do Rola Moca - Lucia Junqueira Pereira Cup of Excellence 2008-2009
Country Brazil
Region Sul de Minas


Lots of info on this one, below, supplied kindly from the wonderful Cup of Excellence program. This is a great example of fine Brazilian coffee. It is different to the other Brazilian CoE lot that we also have available; this has a cocoa bite to it and is not quite as sweet. It has great huge body, is awesome espresso and superb filter.


Ten years ago, the Sertão Group acquired SÍTIO ROLA MOÇA specifically to grow specialty coffees. Maria Lucia Junqueira Pereira is a member of APROCAM, an association that gives priority to specialty coffees production and commercialization (, and a member of COCARIVE (

Coffee processing system

Coffee has always been picked manually because of the farm's topography, and on cloth for the coffee not to lose its quality. After the beans are picked, they are transported to Fazenda Santa Lucia, which also belongs to the Sertão Group, where they are washed, pulped and spread out to obtain a high quality product. Subsequently the beans are place in the drier and then to rest in bins, they return to the drier and at 10.5% humidity are transferred to the permanent bins, where they remain for 30 days. Lastly, they undergo their final processing and are deposited in the Cooperative - COCARIVE - where the coffee final standard classification is determined.

Concern with quality

The continuous search to improve the beans and the cups standards is a priority of the farm. All coffee lots are cupped and monitored year after year. Traceability is indispensable not only to understand the property and the product but also to arrive at decisions concerning replacing a plantation and the choice of coffee varieties that will be planted.
Property Characteristics: Coffee Characteristics:
Farm: Serra do Rola Moça
Farmer: Maria Lúcia Junqueira Pereira
Rank: 20
City: Carmo de Minas
Region: Sul de Minas
Country: Brazil
Farm Size: 25.00 Hectares
Coffee growing area: 10.00 Hectares
Altitude: 1150 masl
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing System: Pulped Natural
Jury Descriptions: Aroma-Flavor- dark chocolate (14), sugar cane (6), caramel (3). Mouthfeel- buttery (5), creamy (5), rich (4), silky (3). Acidity- sweet (6), lime (4), fine (4), elegant (3) well balanced
Please Note: If a number appears in brackets next to a description it indicates the number of jurors that agreed with that particular description.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 7/8
Sweetness 6/8
Acidity 6/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 8/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 6/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 90

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