Kopi Luwak


Bean name Kopi Luwak
Country Indonesia
Other info 100% Kopi Luwak


Now there's a story behind this one. There's a cat-like monkey creature called a Luwak that lives in the forest of the Sumatra region. Now the Luwak loves to eat berries and all sorts of other jungle stuff which he has no problems digesting. But his favourite food is the bright red ripe berry of the wild coffee plants that grow in his habitat. But the coffee cherry doesn't agree with our friend the Luwak and gets pooped out. It is then hand picked by someone with the worst job in the world to bring you the most unusual tasting coffee in the world. It's special, rare and expensive but you know you want to try it! Its earthy taste is unique and its unusual after-taste will make you reach for the pot for a second cup.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 3/8
Sweetness 3/8
Acidity 4/8
Mouthfeel 3/8
Flavour 3/8
Aftertaste 3/8
Balance 3/8
Overall 3/8
Correction +36
Total 61

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