Kenya Gachirago AA 2012


Bean name Kenya Gachirago AA 2012
Country Kenya
Region Region: Mathioya Division, Muranga District, Central Province
Other info Varietal(s): SL 28, SL34


Gachirago washing station lies close to the small village of Gaitheri, around 40 km south of the town of Nyeri in the fertile highlands of Central Kenya between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains. The washing station is located at around 1,400 metres above sea level, in a region know for its highly fertile red loam soil.

Some 1,400 farmers from the surrounding area deliver cherries to Gachirago, around one third of whom are women. Farm sizes are very small - averaging only 200 trees (that’s about one tenth of a hectare) - and so families also grow food crops such as maize and beans for their own consumption. The coffee trees are a mixture of SL28 and SL34, which grow in the shade of avocado, macadamia, and blue gum trees.

There are two harvest periods at Gachirago; from May to June (the fly crop), and from October to December (main crop). The coffee cherries are picked by hand when ripe and are then delivered to the washing station. They are pulped on the same day that they are picked - usually in the evening – and then they're fully washed, and dried in the sun on African beds (raised screens).

In the cup it's a blackcurrant fest; on my cupping sheet I wrote blackcurrant 5 times, and at the bottom put “Ribena”. Sounds one dimensional, but it's one of those coffees that doesn't just taste like, but tastes of.

Coffee: Gachirago AA
Farm: 1,400 smallholder farmers
Varietal(s): SL 28, SL34
Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on African beds (raised screens)
Owner: Gachirago washing station
Altitude: 1,400 metres above sea level
City: Gaitheri, around 40km south of Nyeri
Region: Mathioya Division, Muranga District, Central Province
Country: Kenya

Roasting Information:
Just past first crack, keep this light, don't take this anywhere near second crack.

"Quick Look" Guide:
Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant, Ribena.

Good Filter: Yes, Good Espresso: No

Cupping notes

Clean cup 8/8
Sweetness 8/8
Acidity 8/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 7/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 95

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