Jabberwocky Espresso Blend 2016 Mk3


Bean name Jabberwocky Espresso Blend 2016 Mk3
Other info Blend - see description for bean content


'Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!'

This is one of our most popular blends, but I always think that it sits a tiny touch in the shadow of the Jailbreak blend.

We wanted to give Jabberwocky some major love because it's always a solid performer, always dishing out delicious coffee in every direction. With this re-jig, we're putting the Jabberwock centre stage and showing the world what he can really do: there's no point hiding behind a Tumtum tree with your vorpal blade, this beast cannot be slain!

Why Jabberwocky? Well, in case you haven't guessed from the various references so far, it's a famous Lewis Carroll poem from 'Alice in Wonderland'. It's always been my favourite poem. The verse just seems to fit this blend perfectly and, as with all our blends, it offers a personal link. This time it's that the poem was written in the home of Lewis Carroll's parents just outside Sunderland, and I am a huge Sunderland football fan.

This is a fruity, challenging, bright-citrus acidity-based blend. It has a sweet kick at the end.

40% Honduras Cerro Azul Red Honey
40% Kenya Kieni AA
20% Nicaragua Los Altos Washed Red Catuai

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Roasting Information:
Into second crack then stopped, oils just about to show.

"Quick Look" Guide:
Fruity, Challenging, Bright, Citrus Acidity, Sweet.

Good Filter: Yes, Good Espresso: Yes

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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