Indonesia Flores "premium" Robusta Grade 1


Bean name Indonesia Flores "premium" Robusta Grade 1
Country Indonesia
Region Indonesia
Other info Robusta


Premium robusta, isnt that an oxymoron? Two words I've never used together, but this clean extremely well prepared green robusta. The Italians believe 5% to 10% robusta added to an espresso blend just give it that little something else. I must admit I too think the best blends have a little added. Not enough to taste it, but enough to give a little caffeine boost, and addition to the final crema. This is not to be drunk on its own, blender only.

No cupping notes as its not to be drunk on its own, BLENDER ONLY.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 1/8
Sweetness 1/8
Acidity 1/8
Mouthfeel 1/8
Flavour 1/8
Aftertaste 1/8
Balance 1/8
Overall 1/8
Correction +36
Total 44

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