Indian Balmaadi Biodynamic Fully Washed UK6 certified 2008-2009


Bean name Indian Balmaadi Biodynamic Fully Washed UK6 certified 2008-2009
Country India
Region Ooty, Nilgiris
Other info UK6 Bio Dynamic Certified, Fully Washed


Balmaadi Estate is situated in the Nilgiris district of India's southern state of Tamil Nadu, and is located in the verdant O'Valley.

With plantations at an elevation ranging from 4000 - 6000 ft above sea level, Balmaadi produces some of India's highest altitude coffee.

Balmaadi is committed to sustainable, unobtrusive methods of agriculture and maintaining the exceptional biodiversity of the area. The estate is certified organic and practices a mix of ancient Vedic methods, and bio-dynamic techniques advocated by Rudolf Steiner. It produces its own compost, liquid manure and cow horn manure, and 'Pachagavyam', which is concoction of 5 products from the cow - milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine fermented and sprayed as a fertiliser.

Balmaadi harvests its coffee in November. The coffee is hand picked, pulped, fermented, washed and sun dried on tables. At no stage in the processing are chemicals used.

In the cup there is a big hint of what to expect in the floral aroma. Drinking the coffee, its incredibly balanced, with hints of coffee blossom on the front end, that's very perfumed with a sweet honey finish. Dismiss any pre conceptions you might have about Indians this is more like a fine yirgacheffe.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 8/8
Sweetness 6/8
Acidity 6/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 6/8
Aftertaste 6/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 89

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