Hawaiian Extra Fancy Smith Farm Kona 2006/2007


Bean name Hawaiian Extra Fancy Smith Farm Kona 2006/2007
Country Hawaii
Other info 2006-2007 extra fancy


Its back, and we couldn't be happier. Cea who owns the farm, gave us a brief story of the farm below

Bob was in sugar and could see its demise so after almost 20 years of cultivating sugar cane (he has his Bachelor of Science in Tropical Agriculture) we bought this old farm on 8-8-88. (I had various small jobs before like running a Humane Society, being a soccer coach for high school, being a special needs teacher- but nothing big.)

So we bought this farm, left the sugar plantation on the other side of the island and have just worked hard. For years Bob managed other farms so we could afford to get this one where we have it now. BTW Bob is the only Kona Coffee hands-on farmer with his Bachelor of Science degree that I know of in all of Kona. Many current farmers had other non-agriculture jobs like engineers, construction worker, history teacher-just thinking of my neighbours and all of these people wanted the farming lifestyle so they chose to become Kona Coffee farmers because they could do it n a beautiful place.

Bob and I both grew up on sugar plantations in Hawaii and we both are 3rd generation sugar families.

My family , on both sides came in the early 1800's- some from Scotland and one from Tahiti. Bob's family is also from England and Scotland.

Good coffee just doesn't happen. It needs love and care from the Mother Nature and the farm and workers. Well the love this coffee has can be tasted in the cup. Pine and spice and nuts, a perfect coffee for those dark nights. A complex cup that can get confusing in the espresso machine but is well worth a try.

Beware of all those who say its Kona blend or Kona style. Often they contain just the slightest amount of the actual bean. This is 100% direct from the farm. No middlemen, nobody taking a cut along the line the money for this coffee goes straight to the farmer.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 1/8
Sweetness 1/8
Acidity 1/8
Mouthfeel 1/8
Flavour 1/8
Aftertaste 1/8
Balance 1/8
Overall 1/8
Correction +36
Total 44

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