Guatemala Siquinyá Washed Bourbón & Typica 2015


Bean name Guatemala Siquinyá Washed Bourbón & Typica 2015
Country #SSSSS Limited Editions 2015
Region Acatenango
Other info Varietal: Bourbon & Typica


Number 9 of 12, September 2015, in the #SSSSS - Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription. A limited availability series of roasted coffee beans.

Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden ticket!
From Mr. Stephen Leighton! I shake you warmly by the hand! For now, I do invite you to partake in my super secret stash subscription!
I, Stephen Leighton curate a spectacular selection of secret coffees that rarely see the light of day, however throughout 2015 I wish to share some of them with a select few of my beloved customers.
These coffees will not be available on my website or from anywhere except within the super secret stash subscription!
Now you must visit to discover more. Until then,
Stephen Leighton

Guatemala Siquinyá Washed Bourbón & Typica

Oh. My. Word.

No way is it September already?! Well, technically it isn't September yet but you know what I mean! This is your 9th bag of #SSSSS so only 3 to go #sadtimesguys (more on this later)

As you've probably already guessed this email means that your #SSSSS coffee was roasted today and is now in the hands of Royal Mail zooming towards you, a little early this month because of the bank holiday on Monday, wanted to do our best to make sure the coffee got to you for enjoying over the BH weekend.

Without further ado let's get to the COFFEE! It's time #SSSSS took a trip to Guatemala don't you think? ; )

When I first came across this coffee I knew it as "Perez’s friend" which got me curious, who was this mysterious friend of Perez? And why aren't there more "Steve's friend" coffees?! Clearly I need more coffee growing compadres!

First of all I should say that Perez is Herbert Estuardo Pérez Liquidano of El Libano, a big favourite farm here as Has Bean and one we're super happy to have an ongoing relationship with : ) The friend of Pérez is Santiago De Jesús Ordoñez Gómez (pictured above) and are you ready for the fun twist? Santiago is a mechanic in the local town and knows Pérez as he's a customer of his, yes that's right Santiago is Pérez's mechanic!

Before becoming a mechanic Santiago grew up in coffee, often helping his Dad out with his farm over 40 years ago. He's 1 of 9 children who grew up on the farm and has kept his love of coffee going while working full time as a mechanic. This coffee comes from 5 tiny parcels of land Santiago owns and grows coffee on + was processed by his friend and mechanical customer Pérez!

As I mentioned at the start of the email this is bag #9 of the 12 total #SSSSS on the way to you, how have you been finding things? The reason I ask is that with only 3 more bags to go I'm starting to think about next year, would you be interested in taking this journey again? Would you like to do anything differently? I'm really keen to hear any thoughts you've got, ultimately I don't really want to give you any of my precious tiny lots of coffee but I guess sharing = caring and I'm all about the caring ; )

Ping me an email to with any feedback or just to chat all things #SSSSS : )

Now the part I bet you've been waiting for...

In the cup you’re going to get the crisp, sweet juiciness of a green apple followed by what I can only describe as a white grape sprinkled with white sugar. A super clean, super sweet, super delicious cup.
• Country: Guatemala
• Region: Acatenango
• Area: Aldea Nueva Concepción, Acatenango
• Farm: Siquinyá Organic
• Farmer: Santiago De Jesús Ordoñez Gómez
• Varietal: Bourbón & Typica
• Processing System: Washed

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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