El Salvador Santa Esperanza Natural Catimor 2018


Bean name El Salvador Santa Esperanza Natural Catimor 2018
Country #SSSSS Limited Editions 2018
Region Apaneca
Other info Varietal: Catimor


Number 9 of 12, September 2018, in the #SSSSS 2018 - Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription. A limited availability series of roasted coffee beans.

This month it's: El Salvador Santa Esperanza Natural Catimor 2018

Hello and good morning Stashers! Welcome to #SSSSS September! Trying something a little different this month, a morning email notification - hope it adds a splash of excitement to your Friday and helps start off the final day of the working week with a bit of a bang!

We roasted + dispatched your #SSSSS coffee yesterday (Thursday, August 30th) and it went into the hands of Royal Mail at about 16:00, this means it should be with you very soon ooooooh exciting : D

You might know I’m pretty enthusiastic about El Salvadorean coffee. Each year we buy a lot of great coffee from El Salvador and I have made some absolutely amazing friends there who we work with.

Most great coffee isn’t just produced by a person on their own – so so often it’s an entire family involved and the relationship behind this week’s coffee is no different. The couple at the centre of that are Carmen and Rafael Silva. Their farms – most especially La Fany – have produced delicious and more-ish coffees year after year, processed by them at their mill in San Pedro. However it’s not just them – three of their children also work in the business. And this month’s coffee? It comes from Rafael’s cousins, the García Salas family.

It’s a family farm, called Finca Santa Esperanza and is in the Apaneca region of El Salvador (where you find not just La Fany but many other great coffee farms). This came as a surprise for us among samples from Carmen, so we cupped it without knowing anything about it. It ticked the box – it’s super tasty!

There were also a couple of other things that made it stand out – firstly, it’s been naturally processed. Secondly, it’s a Catimor. Those two things have worked really well together in this coffee!

Catimors are hybrids which have some Robusta parentage somewhere in their lineage. They’ve typically been crossed several times – sometimes with different varietals – to hopefully keep the disease resistance and hardiness of the Robusta whilst matching it with the flavour potential of Arabica. On the cupping table, the best examples achieve a lot of this, though there are often very slight hints of spicy flavours which we might associate with that lineage.

In the cup expect a dessert - it’s a bit chocolate chip cookie, a bit steamed chocolate sponge pudding. There are bags of dark chocolate too, with some molasses mixed in, but also a little sultana and stewed peach. On the finish you’ll catch a little hint of that spice I mentioned. It's a super complex and interesting coffee which shows a great harmony between the beans and how they’ve been processed.

Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca
Farm: Santa Esperanza
Wet Mill: San Pedro
Altitude: 1450 m.a.s.l.
Varieties: Catimor
Processing system: Washed

Sorry for the lack of piccies this month, I don't actually have any from Santa Esperanza : ( the one at the top is me at La Fany from a few years ago as it's the closest I could get, sorry folks, hopefully many more Steve faces for you to enjoy next month!

Stephen Leighton

"Quick Look" Guide:
Dark chocolate, molasses, sultana, stewed peach, spice.

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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