El Salvador Las Delicias Pacamara 2009-2010 Crop


Bean name El Salvador Las Delicias Pacamara 2009-2010 Crop
Country El Salvador
Other info Pacamara


I first tried coffee from this farm a couple of years ago and really liked it. But a mixture of supply difficulties and lots of other El Salvadorian coffees on offer meant that I gave it a reluctant pass. However, when I got chance to try it again this year, I loved it and was not going to let this one get away.

El Salvador coffee for my tastes is one of the finest and under rated in the speciality market today. Don't get me wrong, it gets lots of love from those in the know, but it also seems that countries such as Colombia and Guatemala, for instance, always get far more attention than this well organised, professional, from farm to market group of people.

Located on the side of the Santa Anna Volcano, like so many other great coffee farms, this farm is owned by the Menedez family who have run the Las Delicias estate for over 50 years. The elevation on this farm is around 1600-1700 feet, and it produces bourbon and pacamara - two very classic El Salvadorian coffees.

Ironically on my last trip to El Salvador, I actually passed this farm whilst in the back of a pick-up truck. It's situated on the way down from the famous La Ilusion farm run by our friend Ernesto.

In the cup, just like the bourbon, expect clean with a hint of lemon/lime citrus like acidity backed up with big milk chocolate sweetness, and a delicious lingering aftertaste. Where it differs is in the magnification of the acidity. This one is way brighter much more more effervescent, almost like lemonade vibrancy. for my taste, this is one more suited for brewed coffee than espresso.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 7/8
Sweetness 7/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 7/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 92

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