El Salvador La Iluson Cascara Coffee Cherry Infusion Brew 2010


Bean name El Salvador La Iluson Cascara Coffee Cherry Infusion Brew 2010
Country El Salvador
Region Santa Ana
Other info Coffee Cherry Infusion Brew



From the famous award winning farm La Ilusion we are very proud to offer Cascara. Cascara is the dried fruit from the coffee 'cherry', the seed from which is the coffee 'bean' as we know it. Normally this is a waste product or at best is used to fertilise the ground by breaking it down. But it can be used to brew a delicious and refreshing caffeinated drink.

We have been searching for Cascara ever since we were first introduced it by some good friends a couple of years ago, and Ernesto was one of the first people we contacted to see if it would be possible. With Neto everything is possible.

So what do you need to brew it ?

A tea Pot or a French press or even a Chemex

Some scales (everyone really should have bought some by now)

Some Cascara

A kettle with water

A cup

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Boil the kettle and let the temperature drop to 90oc

Step 2: Weigh out the Cascara, you will need a ratio of 24g of Cascara per litre of water

Step 3: Add the water

Step 4: Wait for 4 minutes

Step 5: Heat the cup or mug that you would like to use

Step 6: Pour and enjoy

Cascara is high in caffeine and if consumed in large amounts will give you a buzz, so you have been warned.

In the cup this is one of my favourite flavours, it is just like eating coffee cherries straight from the tree. On the front you get that floral astringency, hitting fruit sweetness in a battle of tastes with the bitterness of the dried fruit. Then you get a rush of rose petals and jasmine flavour that's covered in an orange like stickiness. A unique cup that I think makes a great palate cleanser and a great refreshing drink to perk you up. An all round delicious coffee alternative.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 1/8
Sweetness 1/8
Acidity 1/8
Mouthfeel 1/8
Flavour 1/8
Aftertaste 1/8
Balance 1/8
Overall 1/8
Correction +36
Total 44

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