El Salvador La Batalla Cup of Excellence 2010-2011


Bean name El Salvador La Batalla Cup of Excellence 2010-2011
Country El Salvador
Region Metapán
Other info Bourbon


At the age of 20, Guillermo Magaña worked in the extinct "Salvadoran Coffee Company" as a security guar. Whilst working there he was able to learn about varieties and coffee growing in general. Although he is a native of Metapán, Guillermo's family was not in coffee business. He is the first generation of coffee growers and he loves to be an agri-businessman. Guillermo also oversees a small local business in Metapán that sells cereals, grains, fertilisers, etc.

Around nine years ago, Guillermo was going to Ocotepeque in Honduras with a friend, and suddenly his friend told him about a property for sale. So he went to see it with him and told the owner that on his way back they were going to talk about business, and that's what happened. Guillermo bought the farm the very day he returned from Ocotepeque. At that time the farm was pastureland.

Guillermo fell in love with the piece of land, and bought it because it was exactly what he was looking for, the perfect canvas to begin an artwork. The Batalla or "The Battle" was baptised after the rough access that it used to have during the first stage of establishment. Guillermo was driving his pick-up truck on the steep and slippery clay soils when some technicians from Procafé saw it and said to him that it was a huge battle against the road, so he came up with that name.

This coffee plantation has on average 7 year old coffee trees and Guillermo is continuously replanting and adding new areas. In order to participate in the Cup of Excellence, Guillermo harvested a selected area over four days because it is the highest point of the farm with very good trees of the Bourbon variety only. Guillermo usually applies foliar application and other organic foliar rich in potassium. He fertilises based on soil analysis minimizing risk of spending money on unnecessary procedures. He applies chicken manure and organic compost every 2 years to keep enough nutrients and quality in his farm soil. The technique of pit digging is what Guillermo believes in the most. He is convinced that it is the richness inside these pits that makes the trees so healthy keeping the soils nutrients on proper levels.

Guillermo also planted 2.8 hectares with Pacamara that will enter in productive cycle next year. This farm ranked number 5 last year and achieved 8th place this year demonstrating that is produces one of the most exceptional coffees from El Salvador. Guillermo's idea is to establish a long term relationship with buyers directly or through his exporter.

In the cup expect super floral, mixed with a great mouthfeel and hints of jasmine, very tea like. But the surprise is that this coffee is not a lightweight, it powers in on the back end of the palate with a big body, really big sweetness, whilst maintaining super clean and complex acidity.

Other Statistics:
Location: Cantón San Miguel Ingenio, Metapán
Coffee varieties: 40% Bourbon, 35% Pacas, 25% Pacamara.
Type of Shade: Copalchi, cypress, ingas, native.
Average Annual Rainfall: 2,600 mm
Average Temperature: 15 ºC
Type of Soil: Clay loam
Total Production: (60kg) 237 bags
Other land: Cypress forest.
Mill and company where lot was process: Beneficio Margaritas, Metapán. Fauna: Torogoz, Roadrunners, butterflies, rabbits, agouti, deer, orioles, white-wings dove, etc.

GPS coordinates
Latitude: N 14º 20' 29.4''
Longitude: W 89º 18' 41.6'
Property Characteristics: Coffee Characteristics:
Farm: La Batalla #1
Farmer: Guillermo Magaña Flores
Rank: 8
City: Santa Ana
Region: Alotepec-Metap N
Country: El Salvador
Farm Size: 15.00 Hectares
Coffee growing area: 25.00 Hectares
Altitude: 1670 masl
Certification: None

Variety: Bourbón
Processing System: Washed
Pounds: 2,568.00 (1,164.83 kgs)
International Jury Score: 88.84

Cupping notes

Clean cup 7/8
Sweetness 7/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 6/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 6/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 90

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