Costa Rica Finca La Pira Anaerobic Natural 2020


Bean name Costa Rica Finca La Pira Anaerobic Natural 2020
Country Costa Rica
Region Tarrazú


Carlos Ureña Ceciliano is an inspirational coffee producer. He's always experimenting and trying new things to improve his farm. Whilst he does lots and lots of things around the plants, he also keeps trying out new things with the way he processes the cherries once they are picked.

Last year we got to enjoy an anaerobic coffee from the farm for the first time. This is one he did by removing the outer skin of the fruit and sealing up the seeds (with some mucilage still on) in a box, where it undergoes a fermentation without much oxygen present. It's a new tweak on processing that has been tried by a few of the more experimental coffee producers around the world.

It was super tasty and super interesting – very, very sweet and clean, and with a delicate cinnamon spice to the finish which has become synonymous with anaerobic processed coffees.

Carlos isn't one for resting on his laurels though, so this year we've got a Natural anaerobic coffee from him. Just like the other anaerobic lots, this coffee spent time resting in a sealed container with very little oxygen. Unlike other lots, this one was left in the whole cherries. It was then taken out and dried in the cherries – making it a Naturally processed lot.

The potential risk with this is that the big boozy flavours of a Natural could overwhelm the spice of the anaerobic stage. However, Carlos' lifetime of experience and eye for detail made sure that didn't happen. The Natural processing is delicate, giving body and texture more than booziness or funk, whilst the anaerobic delivers the sweet spice. Combine all of that with the intense fruit sweetness we see in all his coffees and you've got a truly exceptional and complex coffee.

Super sweet and with a lovely silky texture, it's like pineapple juice. After that big wave of pineapple comes apricot and a little nudge of sultana too. The anaerobic processing gives it a subtle spice on the finish, which with that sticky sweetness is like a cinnamon bun.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazú
City: Santa María de Dota
Farm: Finca La Pira
Farmer: Carlos Ureña Ceciliano
Farm size: 7 hectares
Altitude: 1,650 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Catuai
Processing system: Anaerobic Natural
Pineapple juice, apricot, sultana, cinnamon bun

Clean cup: (1–8): 7
Sweetness: (1–8): 8
Acidity: (1–8): 7
Mouthfeel: (1–8): 6.5
Flavour: (1–8): 8
Aftertaste: (1–8): 6.5
Balance: (1–8): 6
Overall: (1–8): 7
Correction: (+36): +36

Total: (max. 100): 92

Roasting Information
Medium – get first going, but don't let the temperature rise too quickly.
Give it a little time to develop, before finishing the roast at the end of first crack to let the intense sweetness and the anaerobic spice come through.

Cupping notes

Clean cup 7/8
Sweetness 8/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 6/8
Flavour 8/8
Aftertaste 6/8
Balance 6/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 92

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