Costa Rica Farami Red Honey Bourbon 2019


Bean name Costa Rica Farami Red Honey Bourbon 2019
Country #SSSSS Limited Editions 2019
Region Santa Maria De Dota, Tarrazú
Other info Brown sugar, honeycomb, chocolate orange, lime


Number 9 of 12, September 2019, in the #SSSSS 2019 - Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription. A limited availability series of roasted coffee beans.

This month it's: Costa Rica Farami Red Honey Bourbon 2019

Hello and welcome to a spectacular September #SSSSS!

Good news everyone, your #SSSSS coffee will be arriving very soon : ) it was roasted + posted yesterday so for those of you in the UK it should be in with your normal post today, international friends - should be with you over the next couple of days. Thought I'd send this out in the morning as a nice little morning inbox surprise : )

I’m on a roll after last month’s 2018 throwback and thought I’d keep it going – this time back to 2017!!! In March that year, I begged a little of the Costa Rica Farami Red Honey Red Catuai from our good friends at 3fe in Dublin. In the last two years, I’m pleased to say 3fe has continued to go from strength, as has Farami – and they’ve continued to buy the exceptional coffee grown there.

So I decided to ask them if we could have a little for our lovely Stashers (you lot!) again this year. Not only did they say yes, they let me whisk away something a little different than last time’s Catuai – this time, it’s some of their Bourbon. Now Bourbon is a varietal I love, which is super popular (and deservedly so!) in El Salvador and Guatemala, but is a little less common in Costa Rica. As much as I love the Catuai from Farami, I think the Bourbon is even better, so I’m excited we get to share this one!

Before we get to the flavour, lets talk about Farami. It’s the work of Maria Eugenia Ramirez & Juan Luis Fallas, two producers who have put a staggering amount of effort into continuously developing their farm and improving it with a focus on sustainability. This was made difficult by low coffee prices, as they were selling to a large co-operative. There was a major turning point for them ten years ago when they had a hard choice – take on a loan and build there own micromill, or sell the farm. Thankfully for us, they chose to take the risk of investing in the micromill.

Both from farming families, they set out to build themselves a farm which would be sustainable. They mike biofuel from waste to cook and heat the house with, they conserve and reuse water, they keep pigs, goats, lambs, chickens & trout and grow various vegetables and fruits as well as their main crop of coffee. Maria Eugenia says that for her, this is a matter of necessity not choice – when they started, they knew they may not be able to afford to buy things – they had to grow everything they needed and grow things they would be eating themselves, and that attitude of self-sufficiency has never left them.

All that might sound like a lot of work, but Juan Luis reckons it’s okay by farming standards – his grandfather was a dairy farmer, which means early mornings all year round. As a coffee farmer, he only has the early mornings during the picking season and can have a lie in the rest of the year!

With the help of the ministry of agriculture, they’ve worked hard towards the Blue Flag certificates – given for sustainable & ecologically sound farming practices – and have now achieved three star

I could keep talking about this impressive pair for a lot longer, but lets get on to how this tastes! Up front this is all silky texture and sweet brown sugar, edging towards honeycomb. It shifts into chocolate orange next, giving a citrusy nod to the big kick of lime that gives this coffee a crisp and refreshing finish.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
City: Santa Maria De Dota
Mill: Farami
Producer: Maria Eugenia Ramirez & Juan Luis Fallas
Altitude: 1,600-1,700 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing system: Red Honey

Cupping notes

Clean cup None/8
Sweetness None/8
Acidity None/8
Mouthfeel None/8
Flavour None/8
Aftertaste None/8
Balance None/8
Overall None/8
Correction +None
Total None

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