Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Finca de Licho


Bean name Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Finca de Licho
Country Costa Rica
Region Naranjo
Other info Cup of Excellence, Villa Sachi


Edgar Aguilar Bonilla begun to grow coffee around 50 years ago in the western region part of the country. His sons (one of them is Felipe) continue with the tradition and made a family association, working arduously in the coffee business.

At the moment the family González Eyrie counts with several properties, and the majority is planted with the varieties: Villa Sarchí, Caturra and Catuaí.

This coffee interestingly is of the Villa Sarchi variety. This year we have seen more and more of these and they are cupping well. Again interestingly its from the Naranjo region. Two years ago I said in a cupping review this is the region to watch in Costa Rica and it appears it may well be, certainly more interesting that a lot of the Tarrazus that have been presented to us this year.

So an interesting coffee, and interesting in the cup, in fact something quite special. The jury call it super clean and I agree I think supper clean is a great descriptor. Its sharp its sweet, and I get a real gush or raspberry. Not a cheap coffee by any means but fantastic value for money to try this gem, everyone is rewarded, the farmer got a very good price, I got a very good coffee, and you get the best deal of all being able to try this fantastic example.

Farm: Finca de Licho

Farmer: Felipe Aguilera González

Rank: 4

City: Naranjo

Region: Alajuela

Country: Costa Rica

Farm Size: 28.00 Hectares

Coffee growing area: 9.10 Hectares

Altitude: 1500 masl

Variety: Villa Sarchí

Processing System: Honey Coffee

Lot Size: 13 bags

International Jury Score: 90.95

Cupping Number #: 141

Price: 7.88 USD

Jury Descriptions: complex citric (20), super clean (20), sweet all the way through (19) huge complex (18), smooth (13), chocolate (10), orange melon (3), nuts, sugar cane (11) crisp raspberry (3), sweet basil herbal (3)

Cupping notes

Clean cup 8/8
Sweetness 7/8
Acidity 7/8
Mouthfeel 7/8
Flavour 7/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 7/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 93

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