Bolivian Cup of Excellence Santa Fe'


Bean name Bolivian Cup of Excellence Santa Fe'
Country Bolivia
Region Cauca
Other info Caturra, Cup of Excellence Award Winner


I was lucky enough to go out to the Bolivia competition this year. The standard was extremely high as always at these competitions, but this was much more of a surprise. You see there was some sabotage from some of the coop's out there. Bolivia is unique in that export wise its virtually impossible to get coffee from a single farm unless its from the cup of excellence. The big mill owners and coops like it this way, and don't like the power being given to the farmers. But the cup of excellence gives all the power to the farmer, and ultimately to the roasters and consumers who can find out just how good Bolivian coffee is.

This one is syrupy full boded and rich coffee. When I cupped it I really wanted to try it in the espresso machine. I have and its just as I hoped and more. Spice hints, bold, syrup, rich with a great mouthfeel and top finish.

I had confidence I'd get this one but worried we would have a lot of competition it stetched our budget as far as it could go. But we got it, and paid over 200% premium directly to the farmer compared to fair trade coffee. Tell me which is a fairer deal. When coffee is this good it deserves to be rewarded, and it deserves that little premium.

Valentin Choquehuanca (the farmer) said: <p.

"It is the second time I participate; I did well in 2004 and I was encouraged to keep on working and competing. I went to ask about the requirements in Caranavi with the organizers and I subscribed myself to the contest."

"There is no doubt that this year the quality of my coffee is better than in 2004. It is tedious, but it gives good satisfactions. Thank God I did not have any incidents for competing. "

"I hope that my coffee grower partners are encouraged to produce more coffee. This is a good way of improving and keep on working for us and for the country."

Quality Practices

The ripe coffee cherry harvest is done manually and at the end of the afternoon all the collected coffee goes to the processing plant of Agricabv, where it is processed. It first goes under the quality control where all the ripe cherry that arrives is revised, then this ripe cherry is put in the reception bin which then goes to the pulpers. The de-pulped coffee then goes into the fermentation piles, and when it reaches its optimum point, it is washed. The drying is done in a mechanical drum dryer run on propane gas, and once it reaches the 12% of humidity, the coffee is once again selected.

Other Statistics: Soil type : sandy clay loam Annual precipitation : 2.000 mm/year Shade type : Inga edulis Property Characteristics: Coffee Characteristics: Farm: Anditrade BV Monterrey Farmer: Valentin Choquehuanca Rank: 15 City: Loayza Region: Cauca Farm Size: 10.00 Hectares Coffee growing area: 3.00 Hectares Altitude: 1700 masl Certification: None

Variety: Typica, Caturra Processing System: Centralized, Pulped , naturally fermented, mechanically washed, sun drying Lot Size: 17 bags International Jury Score: 85.43 Jury Descriptions: spiciness, clove-like, stable, lower acid but outstanding body, nice cedar, solid cup, ripe and winy, citric flavor and acidity, soft and sweet

Cupping notes

Clean cup 6/8
Sweetness 7/8
Acidity 6/8
Mouthfeel 8/8
Flavour 8/8
Aftertaste 7/8
Balance 8/8
Overall 7/8
Correction +36
Total 93

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